Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Along for the Ride

Have you ever been on a plane, in a car, on a boat, where you, yourself are not the one driving? During said vehicle ride, has the driver or pilot ever done something a little risky, or something that made you take that quick little gasp? I have. It usually happens when on a bus going up a tricky road, or a plane whilst going through a bit of turbulence. Those times when things seem a wee bit grim, or uncertain. However, during those times, I have to remind myself the driver knows what he or she is doing (or at least we all hope they do), and we have to trust that he or she will bring us safely to our destination. After all, they have been hired and trained to operate the heavy machinery. The company employing said driver or pilot, thought them good enough to place the lives of others in their hands, and not fear harm would come to those riding in their care.

I also find I remind myself I am not in control, they are. Really, there is nothing else I can do, but trust in their experience and training. They know what they're doing. I mean, I could complain, I could try and be a side-seat driver trying to take control without having the ability or capacity to actually take control of the moving vehicle. However, I have found that doing these things, does not put my mind, and nerves, at ease; it really only serves to make matters worse, stressing both myself and the driver/pilot out and thus making a difficult situation worse.

Sometimes, I think it's the same with us when it comes to the authority in our lives. All of us have been under a leader, parent, manager, etc. and have underestimated the knowledge and wisdom that individual, or individuals have gained over years and years in the business. We question them at each and every turn, thinking, without having the same experience and the same knowledge base, we know better than they do. We believe we are better without the same amount of discipline and training as they. This doesn't make sense. The company would not have placed them where they are if they didn't believe they had the ability to fulfill their duties well and up to standard. While I realize, companies and people are not perfect, and there are definitely exceptions to this general rule, overall, they have been given the control and we have not yet earned such control. We need to listen to, and trust those who have been given authority over us not only that their experience and lessons learned have given them what is necessary to be in the position they are in, but also that he or she will use those lessons to spur us on to bettering ourselves or the company we work for. We would be wise to learn from the successes and mistakes they have made to further our success and to avoid the same mistakes.

While authority is a great application for the wee anecdote above, I believe there might be an even better application. In accordance with the title of my blog, There's a Life Lesson in There Somewhere, this little anecdote really serves to mimic our everyday lives. The reality is, when we get onto a band wagon, or just come into this world, our lives become a part of something greater than ourselves. If we become a part of something greater than ourselves, we must then, believe in something greater than ourselves. That which is greater us, is that which controls the vehicle of our lives. We trust in it everyday. I, myself, believe that which is greater, is God. He asks that I would place the wheel of my life in His capable hands everyday. There are definitely days when I sit there and think, "God, I'm not so sure about this, are you sure you know how to drive this thing?" and lovingly, He looks at me, and says, "Have I truly, when you put me in control, let you crash and burn yet?" And the answer is: no, He hasn't. Again, so often, with my finite knowledge, and pointed view, it seemed He was taking me along an impossible road, when really He was leading me to a place flowing with milk and honey. There are also days when I attempt to take control....that never ends well. And, finally, there are days when I try to tell Him how to operate my life. I have not now, nor will I ever be able to earn the right to have such control. His way is better. He has infinitely more experience, knowledge, and wisdom than I do....I should leave the driving to Him.